Monthly Archives: April 2014


My band Organ Yank is giving a performance/video shoot at Warehaus West in Humboldt Park tonight. Should be a lot of fun! To kick things off here’s a video of me soloing on another Organ Yank song (not an original of mine, but of Alex Cohen’s, our guitarist). Enjoy!


Amanda’s Song. AKA Mrs. Brey And Her Magnificent Kaleidoscope Of Delusions

Here’s another live vid of a song from the new Organ Yank record Hard (I love posting live vids for y’all!!!!! OMG! Can’t you tell!?!?!?!) Anyways, this is a song of multiple names, as it is called Amanda’s Song in this video and is called Mrs. Brey And Her Magnificent Kaleidoscope Of Delusions on the record. It features a drum solo by the newest member of Organ Yank, drummer Pete Manheim. I think he sounded awesome on it! Enjoy.