Monthly Archives: August 2018

New show added!

As if there wasn’t enough to do this fall, one more show has been added to the list. This will feature Ben Roidl-Ward, a great improvising bassoonist, along with some veteran local acts.

Sound Exchange, Friday, September 7th
Roidl-Ward/Kamins Duo
Thickets (Austin Cooley, Carol Sandin Cooley, Rebecca Novak)
7 pm-11 pm
$5 donation for out of town musicians.

Summer Tour+Fall 2018 Gigs

This past July, I went on a tour of the West Coast with CARL (Andrew Durham-electric bass, me- sax). We played the Wayward Music Series in Seattle, HumanFleshBodyWorld in Portland, Old Nick’s Pub in Eugene, VAMP records and a house show in Oakland, and Coaxial Arts in LA. Huge thanks to Alex Cohen, Neil Welch, Steve Peters, Reese Lopez, Joshua Isaac Finch, Alex Cohen, Max Nordile, and Lucas Gorham and Zoe Knutsen-Bradac for making it all happen.

Here are some upcoming fall gigs I’ll be playing/directing. All are open to the public and are in Houston, TX unless otherwise stated:

September 15th- Khon’s, with Pearson/Kamins/Dodds/Hernandez quartet and more TBA

September 17th- Rice University Shepherd School Recital with Ben Kamins

September 29th- Archway Gallery, Rice Jazz Combo

October 10th- Christmas Island- Sexual Jeremy, CARL, and more TBA

October 11th- Harrisburg Graphic Score Concert at Rice University Moody Center for the Arts, with Karlton Hester, Motoko Honda, Vinny Golia, and Garrett Wingfield

October 15th- MeMerMo improvised music series (Austin) with Golia/Wingfield/Kamins Sax Trio

October 16th- Contemporary Whatever series (San Antonio), with Golia/Wingfield/Kamins Sax Trio

November 16th- Rice University Big Band Fall Concert

December 3rd- Bushwick Improvised Music Series (NYC) with David Leon, Joe Hertenstein