Monthly Archives: October 2019

Fall Houston Shows

Here are some shows/gigs/concerts that I am playing on/directing-


11/9/19 Rice University Jazz Combo at Archway Gallery


11/15/19 Rice University Fall Jazz Festival, Gladu Band Hall

FB event coming soon


11/18/19 They, Who Sound Monday Night Series at Lawndale Art Center w/ Beth Dodds and Anders Zelinski

FB event coming soon


11/19/19 Khon’s- Meinschaft (terra incognita), Sandy Ewen Solo, TelePrompTer, Robert Pearson Solo, Rachel Hulsey/Randi Long Duo


11/23/19 Nebulae (Denton, TX) Etched In The Eye, w/ No Face, Toys R Us Vs. Ovals and Parrot


11/25/19 Outward Bound Mixtape Series at RBC (Dallas, TX) Etched In The Eye, w/ Tom Carter, M’Ress


12/1/19 Houston Piano Company- Relative Dissonance (Thomas Helton, Danielle Reich, Hsin-Jung Tsai, James Metcalfe, Danny Kamins)

FB event coming soon


12/13/19 Septet w/ Abel Cisneros- venue still TBA

FB event coming soon


12/19/19 Wormhole Superette, w/ Etched In The Eye, Karl Roehling, more TBA

FB event coming soon