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Facebook: Danny Kamins

Instagram: @dannykamins

TikTok: @dannykamins

Email: danny.kamins@gmail.com

Danny Kamins is an improvising saxophonist based out of Houston, TX. His current musical endeavors include playing in various musical ensembles such as FireLife Trio, Relative Dissonance, CARL, El Mantis, Prion, and Etched in the Eye as well as directing the jazz program at Rice University.

He has also been booking shows in Houston that specialize in experimental/avant-garde music since 2016. Musicians he has presented include Peter Brotzmann, Jaimie Branch, Claire Rousay, Michael Foster, Chris Pitsiokos, Brandon Lopez, Lisa Cameron, Illicit Relationship, and Gaute Granli.

In addition, he maintains a studio of private saxophone students from the Houston and Cypress, TX areas. He holds his B.M. in Jazz Saxophone Performance from Oberlin Conservatory, and is a graduate of Houston’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

Musicians he has performed/recorded with include Tatsuya Nakatani, Alvin Fielder, Ra Kalam Bob Moses, Aaron Gonzalez, Stefan Gonzalez, Susan Alcorn, Thomas Helton, Lisa Cameron, Adam Goodwin, Vinny Golia, Antonio Borghini, David Leon, Jeb Bishop, Taylor Rouss, Sandy Ewen, Damon Smith, Luke Stewart, Kamila Drabek, Marc Edwards, Natan Kryszk, Paulina Owczarek, Wiktoria Zakubowska and NewMusic groups Le Train Bleu, Loop 38, and Transitory Sound and Movement Collective.

What folks say about DK:

“Danny Kamins often plays quietly and with immense restraint, slowly burning from underneath. He sounds wonderful on bari sax, often soaring without screaming or erupting too much…”

-Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

“The Rachel Ray of the baritone sax.”

-Damon Smith, improvising double bassist

“Kamins has a penchant for long, tremulous notes, but he also has a powerful lyrical ability that avoids the familiar, idiomatic, soporific sounds often associated with the baritone sax.”

-Rick Joines, the Free Jazz Collective

“Danny Kamins is awesome!”

-Ruth Underwood, former percussionist of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

“Danny Kamins looks like a lunatic when he plays.”

-Korhan Erel, Berlin, GE based electronic musician

“Baritone saxophone by Danny Kamins keeps a stable and bright melody.”

-Avant Scena Contemporary Music Blog

“Kamins’ long-tone baritone sax musings move into upper register, last-day-on-Earth note clusters.”

-Steve Jansen, Houston Press

“Kamins’ ‘cyclical’ style is filled with guttural multiphonics, piercing altissimo, and lightning fast runs that span the entire register of the saxophone.”

-Juan Olivo, Byline Houston

“On the strength of both their name and their recording (which sounds like a dog chewing on a fiberglass collar during a weather event in which a high wind blows through a junkyard) one should go see (Danny Kamins’ band) Etched in the Eye. They’ll be playing a raspy, wheezy, scratchy, “don’t go in that room honey, the killer is there” kind of music in a place where darts are thrown. If possible, bring someone who already loves you.”

-Tex Kerschen, Houston Press

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