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Spring/Summer Shows 2023


March 14th- Nathan Pape (Tulsa, OK), The Plot, Muzak John, Physics Luvr, Rebecca Novak/Ryan Edwards/Seth Paynter @ Khon’s

March 17th- Sandy Ewen/Lisa Cameron, Enemy Goddess, Former Spouses, Gabriel Martinez @ Khon’s

March 21st- Torches Mauve (Kansas City), Emmanuel Guajardo, AN Image, Rebecca Novak/Ryan Edwards/Jim Roeber @ Khon’s

March 22nd- Chocolate Jesus (Las Vegas) ManifestiV (Dallas), Sapo Toro, CARL @ Kickback Bar

March 26th- Rice Jazz Combo @ Archway Gallery, courtesy of Donna Perkins and John Slaby

March 28th- Danny Kamins/Reid Karris Apophenia Release Show @ Khon’s, with Garland Fielder and Enemy Goddess

April 11th- Danny Kamins/Max Kutner/James Paul Nadien @ Downtown Music Gallery, courtesy of Bruce Lee Gallanter (NYC)

April 12th- Marc Edwards Quartet @ The Main Drag, courtesy of Stephen Gauci (NYC)

April 15th- Marc Edwards/James McKain/Danny Kamins @ Freddy’s Bar courtesy of Chris LiButti (NYC)

April 18th- Brent Fariss/Carl Smith/Anders Zelinski (Austin), Stripped Down Mantis, Adkison/Kennedy/Jackson/Kenyon, Novak/Paynter/Martinez @ Khon’s

April 21st- Rice Jazz Big Band @ Gladu Band Hall, Rice University

April 22nd- Coach Campa Vs. Professor Kamins, Frank Dambra, AN Image @ Bohemeo’s

April 25th- Danny Kamins/Thomas Helton/Lisa Cameron, Physics Luvr, Cyclops Joint @ Khon’s

May 1st- Danny Kamins/Jesse Ward, Lisa Cameron/Alex Cunningham/Damon Smith @ They, Who Sound, Lawndale Arts Center

May 2nd- Rebecca Novak/Lisa Cameron/Alex Cunningham, David Dove/Damon Smith, Snoopy and Garfield, Sofia Silueta/Ethan Adkison, The Plot @ Khon’s

May 9th- Trapped Gas, Grace Sydney Pham, AN Image, Astrogenic Hallucinauting

May 12th- Jonas Van Den Bossche (Florida), CARL, Sofia Silueta/Andrew Baker @ Khon’s

May 13th- El Mantis, Prion, Open Marriage, Spirits Summon @ The Best Way Out

May 16th- Bound To Live CD Release Party feat. David LeJeune @ Khon’s

May 18th- El Mantis, Aurum Son, Magpie Parliament Society, Pallas Wept, Primaries and more @ White Swan

July 12th- Danny Kamins/Jurek Maczynski Dual Sopranino Extravaganza @ Klub Spatif, Warsaw, PL

July 27th- Adam Goodwin/Danny Kamins @ Petersburg Art Space (Berlin, GE)

July 29- Danny Kamins/Matthias Bauer/Joe Hertenstein @ Kuhlspot, courtesy of Isabel Anders (Berlin, GE)


August 15th- FireLife Trio, Rebecca Novak/Jamison Williams/Rachel Hulsey, more TBA @ Khon’s

August 16th- FireLife Quartet, more TBA @ Molten Plains, Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, courtesy of Sarah Ruth and Ernesto Montiel (Denton, TX)

August 19th- FireLife Quartet, Bobb Hatt, more TBA @ Doublewide Bar, courtesy of Rick Eye (Dallas)

August 20th- Danny Kamins/Jamison Williams/Seth Davis/Evan Verploegh @ Loose Park, courtesy of Seth Davis (Kansas City)

August 21st- Alex Cunningham/Damon Smith/Danny Kamins, Jamison Williams solo @ O’Connell’s Pub, courtesy of Alex Cunningham (St. Louis)

August 22nd- Recording session @ Chicago Temple w/ Jamison Williams (Chicago)

August 23rd- Jamison Williams/Danny Kamins/Reid Karris @ Union Ave Sound Lab, courtesy of Luke Polipnick (Chicago)

August 24th- Danny Kamins w/ special guest Isaiah Spencer @ Elastic, courtesy of Dave Rempis (Chicago)

August 25th- Danny Kamins/Jamison Williams @ Tritriangle, (Chicago)

August 26th- Danny Kamins/Jamison Williams @ Fuse Factory, courtesy of Alison Coleman (Columbus, OH)

August 28th- Danny Kamins, Jamison Williams, Matt Nelson @ The Pilot Light, courtesy of Matt Nelson (Knoxville, TN)

August 29th- Danny Kamins/Jamison Williams @ No Tomorrow Underground, courtesy of Priscilla Smith (Atlanta)

August 30th- LaDonna Smith/Danny Kamins/Jamison Williams/Taylor Rouss/ more TBA @ East Villiage Arts, courtesy of Taylor Rouss (Birmingham, AL)

August 31st- Danny Kamins/Jamison Williams @ Fork and Spoon, courtesy of Scott Bazar (Panama City, FL)

September 2nd- Danny Kamins/Jamison Williams @ Square Mug Cafe (Tallahassee, FL)

September 9th- FireLife Trio, more TBA @ Top Ten Records (Dallas)

Winter Shows 2023

January 3rd- The Plot ft. Garrett Wingfield (Miami, FL), Aga Zet/Jaime Hernandez, Phil Spectral, Pretty Dad @ Khon’s

January 7th- Sax/Piano Standards at The Lymbar w/ Frank Dambra

January 8th- Kamins/Wingfield/Ryan, Ak’chamel, Derek Monypenny @ Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, courtesy of Rick Eye (Denton, TX)

January 21st- Sax/Piano Standards at The Lymbar w/ Frank Dambra


January 23rd- FireLife Trio, Carl Smith, Rebecca Novak, Jonathan Horne @ Dadalab, courtesy of Melissa Seely (Austin, TX)

January 24th- Rice University Improviser’s Ensemble, Zer0fix, Cyclops Joint, Aurum Son @ Khon’s

January 25th- Kamins/Gianola/Strange/Paine-Jesam, more TBA @ HiHo Lounge, courtesy of Jason Van Ness (New Orleans, LA)

January 27th- Kamins/Rouss duo, more TBA @ East Village Arts, courtesy of Taylor Rouss (Birmingham, AL)

January 28th- Danny Kamins, more TBA @ Fork and Spoon, courtesy of Scott Bazar (Panama City, FL)

January 30th- Danny Kamins/Alex Cohen, Noura Howell/Majid Araim/Monique Osorio, Khesner Oliveira @ No Tomorrow, courtesy of Majid Araim (Atlanta, GA)


February 4th- Sax/Piano Standards at The Lymbar w/ Frank Dambra

February 12th- Sax No End @ University Of St. Thomas

February 25th- El Mantis, Flender, EMP @ The End, courtesy of Kalen Rowe

February 28th- Kory Reeder/Conner Simmons (Dallas), Phil Spectral, Aurum Son, Annotation @ Khon’s

Shows/Events Fall 2022

September 6th- The Plot, Aurum Son, Andrew Baker @ Khon’s

September 13th- Solo performance at Lone Star College, courtesy of Aaron Bielish

September 16th- Sapo Toro, ADKT, Challenger, Zer0fix @ Bohemeo’s, w/ art vendors/market

September 17th- El Mantis @ Orange Show w/ Frog Hair and Fiddle Witch, courtesy of Carol Sandin Cooley

September 18th- With the Dig Me Downs, Steve Jansen at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios (Denton, TX)

September 19th- Bunker Center For The Arts w/ Seth Davis, Evan Verploegh, Jeff Harshbarger and Krista Kopper (Kansas City, MO)

September 21st- St Louis w/ Damon Smith

September 22nd- Danny Kamins, Kory Reeder/Connor Simmons @ Wild Detectives (Dallas, TX)

September 27th- CARL, Dan Clucas/Lisa Cameron, Thomas Helton, more TBA @ Khon’s

September 28th- Workshop/masterclass w/ Relative Dissonance at Lone Star College, courtesy of Aaron Bielish

October 14th- Waveform Reversal, Ruth Langston/Jason Jackson, CARL, John Alan Kennedy @ JSB Music Room Series, Courtesy of Rebecca Novak

October 15th- Play Dead Tape Release Show w/ Drew Gowran w/ Special Guest Aurum Son @ Khon’s

October 28th- House Show w/ KA, Enemy Goddess, Pretty Dad

November 4th, 5th- Mekong Underground Fall Avant Garde Fest featuring Stefan and Aaron Gonzalez, Sean Hamilton, Ak’chamel, Laura Dykes and more @ Khon’s

November 12th- Absolute Unit, Aurum Son, Facelift @ Bohemeo’s

November 13th- Rice Jazz Combo @ Archway Gallery

November 18th- Relative Dissonance w/ Tatsuya Nakatani @ Houston Piano Company

November 19th- Rice Big Band Fall Swing Concert at Gladu Band Hall, Rice University

November 20th- Rice Jazz Combo @ Hirsch Recital Hall, Shepherd School Of Music, Rice University

December 2nd- El Mantis, Fiddle Witch, Atlas Maior @ Bohemeo’s

December 4th- Mosswood Session w/ Motoko Honda and Jordan Glenn, daytime show (Oakland, CA)

December 4th- Thrillhouse Records w/ Ivy Woods, nighttime show (San Francisco, CA)

December 5th- Stairwell Cinema w/ Ivy Woods (San Francisco, CA)

December 14th- Prion, Godshell, Pinko @ The End

December 15th- The Plot @ Exchange Of Noiz, Sound Exchange

December 16th- Bog (Denton), CARL, Open Marriage and Randi Long @ Rosalie Haus Co-op

Summer Shows/Events

Wednesday, June 22nd- Klub Spatif (Warsaw, PL) w/ Natan Kryszk, Bartosz Szablowski, Kamila Drabek, Jam session to follow

Saturday, July 9th- Untergruen Summerfest with Joe Hertenstein (Berlin, GE)

Friday, July 15th- Adam Goodwin, David Lejeune, Thomas Helton, Aga Zet/Ryan Hollaway, Aurum Son @ Khon’s (Houston, TX)


Friday, July 22nd- El Mantis @ NMASS (Austin, TX)

Saturday, July 23rd- El Mantis, James Cameron Taylor, Porridge Fist @ Olga’s Mercado (San Antonio, TX)

Tuesday, July 26th- El Mantis, Carnival Of Blood @ Khon’s (Houston, TX)

Wednesday, July 27th- El Mantis, Nigel Newton+Jessica Stearns+Louise Fristensky, Courtney Marie+Kristina Smith+Stephen Lucas @ Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios (Denton, TX)

Friday, July 29th- El Mantis, E.M.P, and KA at Dan Electro’s (Houston, TX)


Saturday, July 30th- Zeitgeist with Will Thompson, Charles Pagano and Tom Milovac

courtesy of Andy Durta (New Orleans, LA)

Sunday, July 31st- HiHo Lounge, courtesy of Rob Cambre

Monday, August 1st- The Pilot courtesy of Matt Nelson (Knoxville, TN)

Thursday, August 4th- Kingfly Spirits courtesy of Eli Namay (Pittsburgh, PA)

Friday, August 5th- Fuse Factory courtesy of Alison Colman (Columbus, OH)

Saturday, August 6th- Eclectic Overdrive with Azure Sky Redux and Human Kindness, courtesy of Adam Arritola (Rochester, NY)

Monday, August 8th- Red Room- Duo with Simone Baron, courtesy of Samuel Burt (Baltimore, MD)

Tuesday, August 9th- Marc Edwards/James McKain/Danny Kamins Trio courtesy of Bruce Lee Gallanter at Downtown Music Gallery (NYC)

Wednesday, August 10th- Rhizome- Duo with Simone Baron, courtesy of Luke Stewart (Washington, DC)

Thursday, August 11th- Center For Connection+ Collaboration with Emily Hay and Kris Gruda (Asheville, NC)

Saturday, August 13th- East Village Arts with Taylor Rouss, Milton V, Cnida, Patrick Stone (Birmingham, AL)

Sunday, August 14th- No Tomorrow courtesy of Majid Araim (Atlanta, GA)

Tuesday, August 16th- Zeitgeist w/ Klaas Hubner and Cassandra Watson Francillon, courtesy of Rob Cambre (New Orleans, LA)

Wednesday, August 17th- Calamity Noise Series @ Hi Ho Lounge courtesy of Jason Van Ness (New Orleans, LA)

Thursday, August 18th- Fire Life Trio (Danny Kamins, Aaron Gonzalez, Stefan Gonzalez) and the Trumpet Assassins, courtesy of Ernesto Montiel @ Wild Detectives (Dallas, TX)

Friday, August 19th- Ethan Campa, Danny Kamins/Ryan Hollaway Duo, Enemy Goddess, Challenger @ Khon’s (Houston, TX)


Saturday, August 27th- Ra Kalam Bob Moses/Damon Smith/Danny Kamins courtesy of David Nelson @ Minicine? (Shreveport, LA)

Sunday, August 28th- Ra Kalam Bob Moses/Damon Smith/Danny Kamins courtesy of Elizabeth Sosa Bailey @ Talento Bilingue de Houston (Houston, TX)

Monday, August 29th- Ra Kalam Bob Moses/Damon Smith/Danny Kamins courtesy of Melissa Seely @ MeMerMo Monday Night Series (Austin, TX)

Tuesday, August 30th- Ra Kalam Bob Moses/Damon Smith/Aaron Gonzalez/Danny Kamins with Atomic @ Texas Theater (Dallas, TX)

Wednesday, August 31st- Ra Kalam Bob Moses/Damon Smith/Aaron Gonzalez/Danny Kamins courtesy of Sarah Ruth Alexander @ Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios (Denton, TX)

Spring Shows/Events

All shows are held in Houston, TX unless otherwise stated.

Sunday April 10th- Recording Session @ Seizures Palace, NYC w/ James McKain, Joey Sullivan

Monday April 11th- Bushwick Public House (NYC) w/ James McKain and Marc Edwards

Tuesday April 12th- Downtown Music Gallery (NYC) w/ Jamison Williams and Sandy Ewen

Monday April 18th- They, Who Sound w/ Lisa Cameron and Thomas Helton

Tuesday April 19th- Khon’s w/ Lisa Cameron and Thomas Helton

Thursday April 21st- X rated show at Bohemeo’s with Vomitatrix, Facelift, KA

Sunday April 24th- Relative Dissonance w/ Susan Alcorn at Houston Piano Company

Friday April 29th- Nameless Sound Ensemble feat. Le Quan Ninh and Bloc’s D’Incidence

Friday May 6th- Bohemeo’s w/ Ethan Campa, coyotebloodbath, Enemy Goddess, Zer0fix with Thou Shalt Not Kill….Except

Thursday May 12th- Private Jazz Function at Museum Of Fine Arts Houston-Rienzi w/ Allison Wood

Friday May 13th- Khon’s w/ Carl Smith, Robert Pearson, Ryan Hollaway, Cyclops Joint

Sunday May 15th- Relative Dissonance/EYEMusic: Laughing at the Gorgon, a portrait of Robert Pearson- Archway Gallery

Sunday May 22nd- FIRST SHOW EVER! ADKT at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios (Denton, TX)

Monday May 30th- MeMerMo Monday night series w/ Thomas Helton and Lisa Cameron (Austin, TX)

Groundwater Recharge

I’m pleased to announce the release of Groundwater Recharge, now out on Balance Point Acoustics. This CD features the talents of Damon Smith, Rebecca Novak, Sandy Ewen, Jerome Bryerton, and myself, in both quintet and trio settings. You can check it out on my personal bandcamp:

And at BPA’s bandcamp here:

Danny Kamins- Disruptor

Disruptor is now out on Noise Pelican Records! This is a solo album of alto sax, baritone sax, and bass clarinet that was recorded during the pandemic last year. You can check it out/purchase it here:

Also check out the CD release party at Khon’s bar, Wednesday October 20th! More info here:

Shows This September

Wednesday 9/1- Khon’s, Houston, TX- Duo with Matthew Frerck.

Thursday 9/2- Rubber Gloves Recording Studio, Denton, TX- Duo with Rick Eye.

Saturday 9/4- Minicine Swampland, Shreveport, LA- Trio with Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez. Potential Special Guest- Dennis Gonzalez.

FB events coming soon!