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All shows are held in Houston, TX unless otherwise stated.

Sunday April 10th- Recording Session @ Seizures Palace, NYC w/ James McKain, Joey Sullivan

Monday April 11th- Bushwick Public House (NYC) w/ James McKain and Marc Edwards

Tuesday April 12th- Downtown Music Gallery (NYC) w/ Jamison Williams and Sandy Ewen

Monday April 18th- They, Who Sound w/ Lisa Cameron and Thomas Helton

Tuesday April 19th- Khon’s w/ Lisa Cameron and Thomas Helton

Thursday April 21st- X rated show at Bohemeo’s with Vomitatrix, Facelift, KA

Sunday April 24th- Relative Dissonance w/ Susan Alcorn at Houston Piano Company

Friday April 29th- Nameless Sound Ensemble feat. Le Quan Ninh and Bloc’s D’Incidence

Friday May 6th- Bohemeo’s w/ Ethan Campa, coyotebloodbath, Enemy Goddess, Zer0fix with Thou Shalt Not Kill….Except

Thursday May 12th- Private Jazz Function at Museum Of Fine Arts Houston-Rienzi w/ Allison Wood

Friday May 13th- Khon’s w/ Carl Smith, Robert Pearson, Ryan Hollaway, Cyclops Joint

Sunday May 15th- Relative Dissonance/EYEMusic: Laughing at the Gorgon, a portrait of Robert Pearson- Archway Gallery

Sunday May 22nd- FIRST SHOW EVER! ADKT at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios (Denton, TX)

Monday May 30th- MeMerMo Monday night series w/ Thomas Helton and Lisa Cameron (Austin, TX)

Friday, July 22nd- NMASS with El Mantis (Austin, TX)

Friday, July 29th- El Mantis, E.M.P, and KA at Dan Electro’s

Thursday, August 4th- Kingfly Spirits with Eli Namay (Pittsburgh, PA)

Monday, August 8th- James McKain/Danny Kamins/Joey Sullivan Trio at The Grassy Knoll, Philadelpia, PA

Tuesday, August 9th- Marc Edwards/James McKain/Danny Kamins Trio at Downtown Music Gallery (NYC)

Saturday, August 13th- East Village Arts with Taylor Rouss (Birmingham, AL)

Sunday, August 14- No Tomorrow with Majid Araim (Atlanta, GA)

Thursday, August 18th- Fire Life Trio (Danny Kamins, Aaron Gonzalez, Stefan Gonzalez) at Wild Detectives (Dallas, TX)

Saturday, August 27th- Ra Kalam Bob Moses/Damon Smith/Danny Kamins @ Minicine? (Shreveport, LA)

Groundwater Recharge

I’m pleased to announce the release of Groundwater Recharge, now out on Balance Point Acoustics. This CD features the talents of Damon Smith, Rebecca Novak, Sandy Ewen, Jerome Bryerton, and myself, in both quintet and trio settings. You can check it out on my personal bandcamp:

And at BPA’s bandcamp here:

Danny Kamins- Disruptor

Disruptor is now out on Noise Pelican Records! This is a solo album of alto sax, baritone sax, and bass clarinet that was recorded during the pandemic last year. You can check it out/purchase it here:

Also check out the CD release party at Khon’s bar, Wednesday October 20th! More info here:

Shows This September

Wednesday 9/1- Khon’s, Houston, TX- Duo with Matthew Frerck.

Thursday 9/2- Rubber Gloves Recording Studio, Denton, TX- Duo with Rick Eye.

Saturday 9/4- Minicine Swampland, Shreveport, LA- Trio with Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez. Potential Special Guest- Dennis Gonzalez.

FB events coming soon!

Solo Saxophone Show In Warsaw

On July 8th, I will be playing a solo saxophone set at the art gallery Pracownia Wschodnia in Warsaw, PL. More info here: