Summer Events!

It’s a busy summer! On June 10th, I went up to Denton to play improvised music with Robert Pearson (keys) and Victor Hernandez (bass). Big thanks to Rick Eye and Rachel King for making it happen. It was great to see my Denton buddies again.

On June 15th, I played with Thomas Helton (bass) and Victor Hernandez at the newly opened Rice Moody Center for the Arts. We performed two sets: one of entirely improvised music, and one that was a 30 minute long, 3 page excerpt of Treatise, the seminal graphic score piece by Cornelius Cardew. We performed on Repeater, a scuplture/installation by Brooklyn based artist David Scanavino. Much thanks to Ian Cion, Allison Weaver, and Joel Thompson at the Moody Center for making it happen.

And last but definitely not least, I have a record coming out on the British label FMR Records! It is entitled After Effects, and features the talents of me, Damon Smith (bass), Alvin Fielder (drums), and Joe Hertenstein (drums). It will be available for purchase/streaming on my bandcamp page soon.

Look for more events coming up soon!

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