Spring Shows/Events

All shows are held in Houston, TX unless otherwise stated.

Sunday April 10th- Recording Session @ Seizures Palace, NYC w/ James McKain, Joey Sullivan

Monday April 11th- Bushwick Public House (NYC) w/ James McKain and Marc Edwards

Tuesday April 12th- Downtown Music Gallery (NYC) w/ Jamison Williams and Sandy Ewen

Monday April 18th- They, Who Sound w/ Lisa Cameron and Thomas Helton

Tuesday April 19th- Khon’s w/ Lisa Cameron and Thomas Helton

Thursday April 21st- X rated show at Bohemeo’s with Vomitatrix, Facelift, KA

Sunday April 24th- Relative Dissonance w/ Susan Alcorn at Houston Piano Company

Friday April 29th- Nameless Sound Ensemble feat. Le Quan Ninh and Bloc’s D’Incidence

Friday May 6th- Bohemeo’s w/ Ethan Campa, coyotebloodbath, Enemy Goddess, Zer0fix with Thou Shalt Not Kill….Except

Thursday May 12th- Private Jazz Function at Museum Of Fine Arts Houston-Rienzi w/ Allison Wood

Friday May 13th- Khon’s w/ Carl Smith, Robert Pearson, Ryan Hollaway, Cyclops Joint

Sunday May 15th- Relative Dissonance/EYEMusic: Laughing at the Gorgon, a portrait of Robert Pearson- Archway Gallery

Sunday May 22nd- FIRST SHOW EVER! ADKT at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios (Denton, TX)

Monday May 30th- MeMerMo Monday night series w/ Thomas Helton and Lisa Cameron (Austin, TX)

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