Shows/Events Fall 2022

September 6th- The Plot, Aurum Son, Andrew Baker @ Khon’s

September 13th- Solo performance at Lone Star College, courtesy of Aaron Bielish

September 16th- Sapo Toro, ADKT, Challenger, Zer0fix @ Bohemeo’s, w/ art vendors/market

September 17th- El Mantis @ Orange Show w/ Frog Hair and Fiddle Witch, courtesy of Carol Sandin Cooley

September 18th- With the Dig Me Downs, Steve Jansen at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios (Denton, TX)

September 19th- Bunker Center For The Arts w/ Seth Davis, Evan Verploegh, Jeff Harshbarger and Krista Kopper (Kansas City, MO)

September 21st- St Louis w/ Damon Smith

September 22nd- Danny Kamins, Kory Reeder/Connor Simmons @ Wild Detectives (Dallas, TX)

September 27th- CARL, Dan Clucas/Lisa Cameron, Thomas Helton, more TBA @ Khon’s

September 28th- Workshop/masterclass w/ Relative Dissonance at Lone Star College, courtesy of Aaron Bielish

October 14th- Waveform Reversal, Ruth Langston/Jason Jackson, CARL, John Alan Kennedy @ JSB Music Room Series, Courtesy of Rebecca Novak

October 15th- Play Dead Tape Release Show w/ Drew Gowran w/ Special Guest Aurum Son @ Khon’s

October 28th- House Show w/ KA, Enemy Goddess, Pretty Dad

November 4th, 5th- Mekong Underground Fall Avant Garde Fest featuring Stefan and Aaron Gonzalez, Sean Hamilton, Ak’chamel, Laura Dykes and more @ Khon’s

November 12th- Absolute Unit, Aurum Son, Facelift @ Bohemeo’s

November 13th- Rice Jazz Combo @ Archway Gallery

November 18th- Relative Dissonance w/ Tatsuya Nakatani @ Houston Piano Company

November 19th- Rice Big Band Fall Swing Concert at Gladu Band Hall, Rice University

November 20th- Rice Jazz Combo @ Hirsch Recital Hall, Shepherd School Of Music, Rice University

December 2nd- El Mantis, Fiddle Witch, Atlas Maior @ Bohemeo’s

December 4th- Mosswood Session w/ Motoko Honda and Jordan Glenn, daytime show (Oakland, CA)

December 4th- Thrillhouse Records w/ Ivy Woods, nighttime show (San Francisco, CA)

December 5th- Stairwell Cinema w/ Ivy Woods (San Francisco, CA)

December 14th- Prion, Godshell, Pinko @ The End

December 15th- The Plot @ Exchange Of Noiz, Sound Exchange

December 16th- Bog (Denton), CARL, Open Marriage and Randi Long @ Rosalie Haus Co-op

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