Winter Shows 2023

January 3rd- The Plot ft. Garrett Wingfield (Miami, FL), Aga Zet/Jaime Hernandez, Phil Spectral, Pretty Dad @ Khon’s

January 7th- Sax/Piano Standards at The Lymbar w/ Frank Dambra

January 8th- Kamins/Wingfield/Ryan, Ak’chamel, Derek Monypenny @ Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, courtesy of Rick Eye (Denton, TX)

January 21st- Sax/Piano Standards at The Lymbar w/ Frank Dambra


January 23rd- FireLife Trio, Carl Smith, Rebecca Novak, Jonathan Horne @ Dadalab, courtesy of Melissa Seely (Austin, TX)

January 24th- Rice University Improviser’s Ensemble, Zer0fix, Cyclops Joint, Aurum Son @ Khon’s

January 25th- Kamins/Gianola/Strange/Paine-Jesam, more TBA @ HiHo Lounge, courtesy of Jason Van Ness (New Orleans, LA)

January 27th- Kamins/Rouss duo, more TBA @ East Village Arts, courtesy of Taylor Rouss (Birmingham, AL)

January 28th- Danny Kamins, more TBA @ Fork and Spoon, courtesy of Scott Bazar (Panama City, FL)

January 30th- Danny Kamins/Alex Cohen, Noura Howell/Majid Araim/Monique Osorio, Khesner Oliveira @ No Tomorrow, courtesy of Majid Araim (Atlanta, GA)


February 4th- Sax/Piano Standards at The Lymbar w/ Frank Dambra

February 12th- Sax No End @ University Of St. Thomas

February 25th- El Mantis, Flender, EMP @ The End, courtesy of Kalen Rowe

February 28th- Kory Reeder/Conner Simmons (Dallas), Phil Spectral, Aurum Son, Annotation @ Khon’s

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