Spring/Summer Shows 2023

March 14th- Nathan Pape (Tulsa, OK), The Plot, Muzak John, Physics Luvr, Rebecca Novak/Ryan Edwards/Seth Paynter @ Khon’s

March 17th- Sandy Ewen/Lisa Cameron, Enemy Goddess, Former Spouses, Gabriel Martinez @ Khon’s

March 21st- Torches Mauve (Kansas City), Emmanuel Guajardo, AN Image, Rebecca Novak/Ryan Edwards/Jim Roeber @ Khon’s

March 22nd- Chocolate Jesus (Las Vegas) ManifestiV (Dallas), Sapo Toro, CARL @ Kickback Bar

March 26th- Rice Jazz Combo @ Archway Gallery, courtesy of Donna Perkins and John Slaby

March 28th- Danny Kamins/Reid Karris Apophenia Release Show @ Khon’s, with Garland Fielder and Enemy Goddess

April 11th- Danny Kamins/Max Kutner/James Paul Nadien @ Downtown Music Gallery, courtesy of Bruce Lee Gallanter (NYC)

April 12th- Marc Edwards Quartet @ The Main Drag, courtesy of Stephen Gauci (NYC)

April 15th- Marc Edwards/James McKain/Danny Kamins @ Freddy’s Bar courtesy of Chris LiButti (NYC)

April 18th- Brent Fariss/Carl Smith/Anders Zelinski (Austin), Danny Kamins/Angel Garcia, more TBA @ Khon’s

April 21st- Rice Jazz Big Band @ Gladu Band Hall, Rice University

April 22nd- Coach Campa/Danny Kamins, Frank Dambra, more TBA @ Bohemeo’s

April 25th- Danny Kamins/Thomas Helton/Lisa Cameron, Physics Luvr, more TBA @ Khon’s

May 1st- Danny Kamins/Jesse Ward, more TBA @ They, Who Sound, Lawndale Arts Center

May 2nd- Lisa Cameron/Damon Smith/Alex Cunningham, The Plot, Sofia Bernstein @ Khon’s

May 12th- Jonas Van Den Bossche (Florida), CARL, more TBA @ Khon’s

July 27th- Adam Goodwin/Danny Kamins @ Petersburg Art Space (Berlin, GE)

July 29- Danny Kamins/Matthias Bauer/Joe Hertenstein @ Kuhlspot, courtesy of Isabel Anders (Berlin, GE)

August 24th- Danny Kamins @ Elastic, courtesy of Dave Rempis (Chicago)

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